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and other word related things

I'm currently working on BOOK Two, featuring many of the came characters. The working title is WORK-IN-PROGRESS. Yes. I know. I'm good at titles. 


I love research and often get lost in my search for real life problems and what if scenarios. I give my findings to various characters.  Below are links to some interesting facts I've found.

In CODE OF SILENCE, Andrea's niece is murdered at Flashcom. The high-tech  surveillance system created by Flashcom could  track anyone anywhere a systems was installed.  People were memorized and tracked from systems to system before the company was forced into a a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

My fictional surveillance system is based on real life technology  currently used by the Department of Defense and installed at the Logan International Airport. I have, however, taken many fictional liberties. 

Speech Reading (lip reading) IS real. I've been a speech reader for twenty years. The formation of words is visual and when coupled with residual hearing, is pretty effective.  In graduate school, I realized I was hard-of-hearing.  It's a bitter pill to swallow as a young person.  But it could be worse.  Bilateral hearing aids and speech reading gives me the freedom  to blend. 

In my second book, WORK-IN-PROGRESS, Andrea's daughter becomes the target of a drug cartel when she inadvertently witnesses a drug dealers escape from a party. This story is centered around prescription drug abuse in local high schools.