Carmen’s getaway comes with a broken leg and a hearing loss—both of which, make selling drugs a challenge. She recruits (translation: blackmails) Faith into helping her figure out what’s going on.

They uncover a string of deaths, all overdoses, and all Carmen’s previous customers. When she finally sees a way to escape her life of crime, her new friend is kidnapped. Now she'll have to choose between freedom and a rescue mission. To do that, she’ll need to rely on the criminal skills she’s honed and discover the truth about her family.

Seventeen-year-old Carmen Romero is a high school senior, a hacker, and a reluctant drug dealer for her pill mill family. When the Dallas police raid a party where she’s pushing scripts to robotripping kids, Carmen shoots out a second-story window and jumps. 

Faith, a freshman geek who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnesses the escape but doesn’t understand the significance until she loses her phone. And of course, the escaping kids find it.


charlotte levine gruber


White Rock Lake Water Theatre

by Frances Bagley and Tom Orr

Photo by Harrison Evans